how can I design a

better way to store fruits and vegetables?

this project is an ongoing project with Firstbuild during my year at GE Appliances, a haier company


The theory

Many fruits and vegetables such as bananas, avocados and citrus are best stored at a temperature between a refrigerator's and room temperature. A counter top appliance that offers this function would bring a valuable experience to many users.


research revealed the optimal volume desired by users and a target price point for this product.

pain points


many users find themselves

throwing out produce

regularly due to over

ripening or rotting





many users desire to show off

their fruits as ornamentation

in their kitchens but don't want

to show rotten fruit.

users do not have much room

on their counters that they are

willing to dedicate to any

other purpose

flexible bottom allows

space to ripen fruit.

drawer gives

better access to


bowl form is the most

familiar to most users.

The product might hang on the wall or

underneath a cabinet to save space

removable baskets allow for a optimal

use of space and customization

vertical configuration has smallest

foot print on counter but provides

several tiers of storage.

concept 1


This concept uses a vertical form factor and removable baskets to create a dynamic experience. The baskets can be made using a food safe fabric to create a soft anti-bruising surface. Stiffer fabrics can be perforated or kerfed to make them flexible.

further research

3 Concepts

We are taking the bottom three concepts to 

research to discover which is most desirable for

a consumer. We are proposing either a vertical form, a

horizontal form, or a bowl form.

A round form factor might be more familiar and

basket-like to users.

A horizontal form factor keeps the front of the counter


A vertical form factor allows stacking to save space.



mood board

2nd ideation session

Concept 4 is aimed at making a dynamic form factor that has friendlier curves.

concept 4

Made for corners

This design is in response to the frustration of trying to cater to various different consumer preferences of where they want their counter top appliances. It can be placed long side along the back of the counter, narrow profile forward from the back to the front of the surface, or perfectly into counter corners.