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Freezer Door-in-door

This design is an ongoing project during my year at GE Appliances, a Haier company


The Problem

Refrigerator icons.png


Bottom freezer users hate

stooping and digging for

frozen items

Users (especially side-by-side users) are tired of the constricted

spaces in refrigerators.

An exciting new configuration

hasn't been brought to the

industry in a decades

New Sketch for port1.png
Final Presentation individuals6.png
Final Presentation individuals7.png
Final Presentation individuals9.png
better convert door for port.PNG
better convert door for port2.PNG
better convert door for port3.PNG
better convert door for port4.PNG

 I am currently on 4 patents pending for this project

and a short production run is being manufactured for further research.

better convert door for port5.PNG