Senior Thesis In Progress

Millions of people around the world live with poor to no eyesight and therefore struggle to keep pace with their peers. Unfortunately, the information age caters more to the sighted than to anyone else.


In addition, sight has been largely held as the most crucial and valuable among the other senses and accepted as the foundation for intelligence and the basis for much of communication. However, studies show that the other senses lend themselves more for building memorable and meaningful experiences. A product that challenges the supremacy of sight can not only revolutionize our experiences with technology but can set a platform to transcend the present status quo in how we relate to each other.

Jan 30th 

research done

Feb 15th

Initial ideation done.

Learn blender.

Feb 30th

CAD and preliminary designs finished

March 30th

Final design and polishing begins

April 30th

Project finished


Literary Research

The Eyes of the Skin

by Pallasmaa

"has become a classic of architectural theory. It asks the far-reaching question why, when there are five senses, has one single sense – sight – become so predominant in architectural culture and design? With the ascendancy of the digital and the all-pervasive use of the image electronically, it is a subject that has become all the more pressing and topical since the first edition’s publication in the mid-1990s. Juhani Pallasmaa argues that the suppression of the other four sensory realms has led to the overall impoverishment of our built environment, often diminishing the emphasis on the spatial experience of a building and architecture’s ability to inspire, engage and be wholly life enhancing."


In Praise of Shadows

by Tanizaki

"An essay on aesthetics by the Japanese novelist, this book explores architecture, jade, food, and even toilets, combining an acute sense of the use of space in buildings. The book also includes descriptions of laquerware under candlelight"

Vision reveals what the touch already knows. We could think of the sense of touch as the unconscious of vision

-The Eyes of the Skin

The eye is the organ of distance and separation, whereas touch is the sense of nearness, intimacy and affection. The eye surveys, controls and investigates, whereas touch approaches and caresses. During overpowering emotional experiences, we tend to close off the distancing sense of vision; we close the eyes when dreaming, listening to music, or caressing our beloved ones

-The Eyes of the Skin

Touch is the sensory mode that integrates our experience of the world with that of ourselves. Even visual perceptions are fused and integrated into the haptic continuum of the self

-The Eyes of the Skin

With lacquerware... What lies within the darkness one cannot distinguish, but the palm senses the gentle movements of the liquid, vapour rises from within, forming droplets on the rim, and the fragrance carried upon the vapour brings a delicate anticipation ... a moment of mystery, it might almost be called, a moment of trance.

-In Praise of Shadows


The cover on my cell phone is old and tattered.  The top leather layer is separating from the bottom along the edge.  My wife says I should get a new cover.  But I’m not sure I want to.  I find that when I’m thinking or bored I like to run my thumb along the separated edge.  Maybe this helps me think?


I've held onto my childhood bear for years... He is all worn out and has hair missing in spots and has had holes that had to be patched up. There is this one spot I gravitate to automatically.... It's a part under my bears armpit where the patch of new fabric is connected to my bear. The corner is rough and not soft at all but the one place my hand goes to help me think


key experiences through touch

Key Technological Inspirations


MIT Media Lab

Key Technological Inspirations


Nintendo Switch

advanced haptic feedback

Key Technological Inspirations


Nintendo Switch

advanced haptic feedback

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