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I believe that everyone deserves to know their water.


This includes knowing what is in it and how much of it they even have.

Valv gathers this information with state of the art equipment and the help of professionals. It then presents this information right where it matters most, in a way that anyone can understand, and at a price that anyone can afford.

because no one can afford not to know their water.

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But whole communities share very similar water situations so why can't they share a service?

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Old Way

Only a few can afford the products

and services to know their water.

Valv System

Communities pay a small subscription each to have a lab continually test their water.


Once this information is gathered,

it is sent back out to the community... but instead of getting lost in another app, what if a physical product was placed within the home to present this incredibly important information?

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63 Million

Just in the USA...

"were exposed to potentially unsafe water more than once during the past decade"

-USA Today

"have at least one region that's expected to face some kind of water shortage in the next 10 years."

- Business Insider

Testing water today is either expensive, complicated, or both.


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A solution that contained water quality testing sensors was first explored.

A minimal design that communicates quality to users. A pattern that is inspired by water is explored.

A smart faucet or shower attachment that relayed info and could stop water flow got my attention

Models valv.png

A variety of form factors were explored including two part models for easier reading.

Further exploration was done to optimize interactions.

A works-like-model was made including an arduino that lit up under different circumstances.


free spinning valve chamber

magnetic ball valve

stainless steel plate

9V battery

polypropylene injection molded 

LED lights and diffuser




40/50 States

The Problem

USA filled partway.png


Valv not only keeps you continuously updated, but steps in to ensure you are safe and living according to your sustainable goals.

bluetooth and actuator

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Information is powerful.

But accountability is even better.

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FAmily 2.png

Use Case 2


Charles and Carly live in a city that faces water shortages yearly. They want to be responsible citizens and monitor their water use.


They Install Valv on their showers and have it set to shut off if the shower is run for over 30 minutes. They save money and have clear consciences!

Use Case 1


Eric and Lindsey have a child under 2. Children of this age are 4-5 times more sensitive to lead in their water.


They Install Valv in their house and set it it to a high sensitivity setting so that they can be sure that they are not washing their child in unsafe water.

CAD Concepts.jpg

water quantity

water quality

Water Availability

- current water reserves

- predicted rainfall

- predicted consumption


- Amoeba

- Giardia Lamblia

- E-Coli


- Lead

- Chlorine

- Arsenic


- dirt

- PH balance

UI Mock UP.png


A closer look at

your water.

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valvs with lights meaning.png


on and plenty of water

but trending down

low water but trending up

very dangerous level of contaminants found 

potentially dangerous level

of contaminants found

*swipe hand in front*

scroll through to find issue

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interactive prototype

Click and scroll through app features